Lunch Bunch/Sunrise

Lunch Bunch

Children Can Stay For Lunch – Any Day Monday through Thursday!

You can add one extra hour to your child’s regular school day on an “as-needed” basis or as part of their regular weekly routine so you can squeeze in extra errands, take a sibling to an appointment, or accomplish a last minute change of plans.

At Trinity’s Lunch Bunch, children eat their lunch, socialize, hear a story, and play indoors or on the playground while being supervised by both teaching staff and assistants.

One extra hour of lunch and activities
Regular dismissal at 11:45 pm
Lunch Bunch dismissal at 12:45 pm

Cost: $10

Parents provide their child’s lunch


No reservations necessary


Need an EARLY BIRD  start to your day?

Join us in the mornings @8:00 a.m.  Tabletop games, art, sensory play

Pack a breakfast if needed 

                                                            Cost: $10.00 per day  OR  Sign-up for a discounted rate